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AVIVA-BERLIN.de im Februar 2018 - Beitrag vom 23.10.2003

Pony, Bear and Apple Tree
Jennifer Gallagher

The days are getting shorter. Time to snuggle up and read this story to your child/ren and learn English at the same time!

When the apples fall from the apple tree, the pony is always very happy to eat them. But one day all the apples have disappeared. Who could have taken them? The pony tries to find out with the help of his friend, the bear.

This classic picture story by Sigrid Heuck is now available in English and is a charming way to teach your children their first English words. The sentences, printed in a large font, are simple and the main words are illustrated as pictures to make comprehension easier. There┬┤s also an illustrated glossary of the main words at the front and at the back of the book. Delightful full page illustrated scenes from the story and can be used to repeat and practice the main key words.

Recommended to be read to children from the age of five.

Pony, Bear and Apple Tree
Sigrid Heuk

Aus dem Deutschen von Hilary Schmidtt-Thomas
by Thienemann Verlag, 2003
ISBN 3-522-43463-3
11,90 ÔéČ200835516975 target=_blank">

Literatur Beitrag vom 23.10.2003 Jennifer Gallagher 


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