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AVIVA-BERLIN.de im Oktober 2017 - Beitrag vom 07.07.2003

English for international Communication
Jennifer Gallagher

An email from China, a phone call from the US, deliveries from Canada. And all in English! BusinessSpotlight magazine can help you to improve your business English effectively!

In the world of business today, English is considered to be the global language. Whether you are participating at an international conference, entertaining visitors from a British subsidiary or dealing with clients from Japan or Israel, the language used to communicate will be English.

Published every three months by Spotlight Verlag, BusinessSpotlight is an English magazine which teaches and sharpens up business English at an upper intermediate and advanced level while offering a wide variety of informative and engaging articles on current topics and events in the international business world.

All articles are graded as having an either easy, medium or difficult level of difficulty and are also accompanied by a glossary of words and phrases with German translations. The Language at Work section explains specific grammar topics and common spoken language problems as well as offering grammar and vocabulary exercises. There are also tips on topics from writing letters and customer orders to giving presentations. In addition there are language cards with useful expressions and explanations in German and English. The cards can be cut out and collected to provide a handy source of reference or revision in the office, at home or while on the move.

Of course, an even more effective way to learn English is not only to read it but also to hear it. An accompanying audio CD or cassette is also available containing articles and exercises featured in the magazine and is a sure way to improve pronunciation and listening comprehension.

And if you want to keep track on the progress of how good your business English is becoming, you can go online and take a test. www.spotlight-verlag.de is an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website that also offers an interactive network of further exercises in business skills and language work based on articles in the BusinessSpotlight magazine. In addition there are links to the British press, reviews of products such as dictionaries, CD-ROMs and books, and a zone for English Language teachers.

Teachers of English who take out a special teacher┬┤s subscription to BusinessSpotlight will also receive extra print material containing stimulating ideas and suggestions on how to use BusinessSpotlight in the classroom.

BusinessSpotlight is available in most international newsagents┬┤ for ÔéČ 8,60.

You can also order it from:
Spotlight Verlag Tel. 089 856 81 -16
or from the internet at:

Subscription rates are also available:

Subscription for 1 year (4 copies) ÔéČ 31,60
A mini subscription (2 copies) ÔéČ 12,60
Subscription for students (4 copies) ÔéČ 25,30
Gift subscription (4 copies) ÔéČ 31,60

Spotlight Verlag also offers five other magazines which are published monthly: Spotlight (general English), Spot on (English at an easy level for young readers), adesso (Italian), ECOS (Spanish), ├ęcoute (French).

Audio CDs or cassettes are available as well as an online service. For more information on the entire Spotlight range of magazines go to:

Women + Work Beitrag vom 07.07.2003 Jennifer Gallagher 


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