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Chalintra Lorenz, founder of Chalintra Seidenhaus
Sharon Adler

Classically elegant silk garments in wonderful shining colours from the north of Thailand. Handmade and yet affordable. Ordering on-line is no problem.

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In the north of Thailand, or to be more exact, the Province of Udornthani, a family business has been producing elegant, high-quality clothes for 20 years.

Our philosophy:
"It is our passion to produce clothes that make you look your best at the price that you can easily pay!"

Recently Chalintra Lornez came to live in Germany and brought her business - Chalintra Seidenhaus - with her.

Through direct contact with producers and with more than 30 in-house designers, clothes from Chalintra Siedenhaus can be made at affordable prices in optimal conditions. It´s well-known that because of the unique manufacturing process involved, together with magnificent patterns and colours, silk from Thailand is considered to be the most valuable material in the world.

Clothes from Chalintra Seidenhaus are made from hand-woven Thai silk which is obviously distinguishable from machine-woven silk. And it goes without saying that hand-woven silk feels better to the touch. The colour palette ranges from bright gold, a delicate aquamarine, deep indigo and a gentle light green. Each piece of hand-woven Thai silk is a timeless rarity, a individual work of art which is not mass-produced.

What makes Thai silk so unique?

Its exotic beauty and durability is legendary. Thai silk yarn is usually soft but has a relatively coarse texture with uneven, slightly knotty threads. This quality makes it extremely suitable for weaving by hand.

Chalintra Lorenz emphasises that the imperfections in hand-woven Thai silk are also what make it so beautiful and prove beyond any doubt that it was worked on by hand. Machine woven silk is a monotonously "perfect", mass-produced, industrial cloth that´s produced to ISO standards.

Instructions for care:
Dry cleaning is the best way to keep Thai silk in good condition and maintain its original beauty, lustre, and texture. You can also hand-wash it in lukewarm water using the mildest soap. Add a table spoonful of clear white vinegar to the final rinse. Never wring your Thai silk! When possible, It´s best to dry Thai silk in the shade and then iron it on the inside of the garment while It´s still damp. Silk that has been cared for properly can last for generations.

Affordable prices and top-quality go hand in hand

A jacket costs 85 Euro. A three-piece suit (blouse, jacket and shirt or trousers) can be bought for 150 Euro. All garments can be ordered on-line in various colours.

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Beitrag vom 15.03.2004

Sharon Adler