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How to Really Kiss
Jennifer Gallagher

Author Holly-Jane Rahlens has done it again! A roller-coaster ride kind-of-story about the hormone hell of a fifteen-year old girl, and the tears and laughter that go with it.

Berlin-based author Holly-Jane Rahlens has already made a name for herself for her novel ´Prince William, Maximilian Minsky and Me´ which was awarded the German Teenage Literature Prize. Plus, the film version will be released (in German) on September 6, 2007 in cinemas all over Germany!

In the same vein as her earlier book, ´How to Really Kiss´ proves that Rahlens is undoubtedly a master at achieving a perfect balance between wit, human frailty and strength of both teenagers and adults, and the thought-provoking moments of everyday life.

In ´How to Really Kiss´ Renée Bella Brody is 15 years old and her hormones are raging. She´s madly in love with Philipp, who is a grade ahead of her at school. He´s ´the one´ and she can´t wait to prove it and spend some time alone with him at home in Berlin while her mother - a ´parenting expert´ - goes on a book tour to promote her latest book on how to bring up kids. But Renée ´s mother has other ideas, and drags her daughter off on what Bella thinks is going to be the longest and dullest trip of her life. But there´s hope. Renée has her sex guide in her suitcase and fantasies about Philipp in her head. The trip holds unexpected surprises and revelations: Renée meets Marek, a brilliant young pianist who helps Renée face a deep and painful wound in her heart.

Striking the perfect tone of a teenager and recommended for 13-year-olds and upwards, ´How to Really Kiss´ is really a book for the girls, especially as the boys take on minor roles. But don´t be fooled by the title and overly feminine cover (which by the way, some readers might find embarrassing to be seen reading on public transport), this book portrays a strong female perspective and is definitely a book for adults too.

This original English version has a useful glossary of words and phrases that readers who are German native speakers may not be familiar with.

AVIVA Tipp: You won´t be able to put this book down. But be careful, be prepared to laugh hysterically and cry too, so have tissues on hand, especially if you are reading on public transport.

How to Really Kiss
By Holly-Jane Rahlens

Original English version
Suitable for 13-year-olds and older
Beltz & Gelberg Verlag, erschienen 2007
ISBN 978-3-407-7-74029-8
EUR 12,90


Beitrag vom 11.07.2007

Jennifer Gallagher