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Interview with Vanessa Amorosi
Lisa Erdmann

Vanessa Amorosi is back! The Australian singer established herself as one of this country`s best pop voices when she was still a teen and since her debut in 1999 she has sold about two million...

... albums worldwide. Now the 28-year-old singer looks like she has reinvented herself again. The result: Vanessa Amorosi sounds like she feels absolutely comfortable with what she is doing - for the first time in her career. Her new album, "Hazardous", will be released in March 2010 but now the Australian superstar talks to AVIVA-Berlin about her inspirations, her new songs and her future plans.

AVIVA-Berlin: Vanessa, where have you been since your last album "change" was released in Germany 2002? What have you been doing, what have you been up to?
Vanessa Amorosi: I had a bit of time out, but I was still writing a lot of music. I also released an album in Australia.

AVIVA-Berlin: Your parents were professional singers/dancers and performed regularly as a cabaret act so since childhood you have been in contact with music. To what extent was your parents` music an influence on your own music?
Vanessa Amorosi: My family is made up of entertainers and performers. I grew up around music, singing and dancing. My family is my biggest influence.

AVIVA-Berlin: Your new album "Hazardous" will be released in Germany in March 2010 - can you tell us a bit about how it was done, what your fans can expect from it and what you liked about doing it?
Vanessa Amorosi: I worked really hard on this album and I am really proud of it. The first single debuted at number one in Australia and I was completely thrilled with the response from my fans. My fans can expect something a bit different from me, it`s a bit cheeky. It`s a rock / pop / electro vibe and I cant wait for you to hear, I hope you love it

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AVIVA-Berlin: What was the inspiration to name this album "Hazardous"?
Vanessa Amorosi: The name `Hazardous` just felt perfect for the album. On this album I am talking about life, about my experiences. About some dangerous topics, drugs, love, betrayal, bad boyfriends. I`m talking about all the things I never had the guts to say before. It`s hazardous!

AVIVA-Berlin: For your new album you worked together with Swedes Niklas Olovson and Robin Lynch, best known as the songwriting and production cooperation MachoPsycho and the team behind Pink`s song "Stupid Girls". How did this collaboration came about and what was it like to work with them?
Vanessa Amorosi: It was great fun working with MachhoPsycho. We had a blast in the studio. I had been working on the album and writing with people in Australia, Los Angeles and London. My manger suggested I go over to Sweden and meet the guys and we hit it off.

AVIVA-Berlin: The song "This Is Who I Am" is your first number-one record ever. How do you feel about this success? Who told you first about it?
Vanessa Amorosi: When my manger rang to tell me it had debuted at number one I was ecstatic. I was so excited! It was my first number one single In Australia and I could be so happy that my fans connected with the song and that I had received such great support.

AVIVA-Berlin: Two of the 14 new tracks on "Hazardous", the song "Sleep With That" and the title "Blow Me Away", deal with the feeling of being cheated on. How did you get the ideas for these two songs, have you ever experienced something similar?
Vanessa Amorosi: All of these tracks are written from life experience. That`s why I am so passionate about these songs, this is stuff I have lived.

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AVIVA-Berlin: If you are given a chance to make a duet with any musicians, who do you want to tag?
Vanessa Amorosi: I just recorded a duet with Mary J Blige, that was an amazing experience.

AVIVA-Berlin: You have performed in many places all over the world, what is left? Where haven´t you given a concert, but really want to?
Vanessa Amorosi: I have been lucky enough to perform in lots of places around the world. But it has been a while since I have been to Germany so I can`t wait to get back. See you soon!

AVIVA-Berlin: Could you tell us something about your future plans?
Vanessa Amorosi: I will be heading over to Europe and London to release the album there. I am really looking forward to heading over. And of course touring, we will be hitting the road later this year.

AVIVA-Berlin: Thank you so much for your time and a fabulous album!

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Beitrag vom 22.02.2010

Lisa Erdmann