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Call for papers - Jewish Women in the Economy
Sarah Ross

Nashim, a Journal of Jewish Women´s Studies and Gender Issues, encourages scholars in all disciplines who deal with the women´s role in the economy, to send proposals for submission.

One of the most important journals of Jewish Women´,s Studies and Gender Issues, Nashim, is calling for papers that deal with Jewish women in the economy. Nashim is published jointly by the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, and Indiana University Press.

In Jewish history as throughout human history, women have always played central roles in the economy. How has Jewish society, in different parts of the Jewish world, in the past as well as the present, constructed those roles? To what extent have these constructions enabled Jewish women to gain access to money and property, prestige and power? Issue no. 13 of Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women´,s Studies and Gender Issues (Spring 2007), under the consulting editorship of Sylvie Fogiel-Bijaoui, of Beit Berl Academic College and the Academic College of Management, will be devoted to these central questions.
Submissions in all disciplines, in the social sciences, the humanities, the arts, and media studies are encouraged.

Topics on which submissions are invited include (but are not limited to):

  • Women and globalization

  • Gender and economic activity in the Jewish world, past and present

  • Women´,s paid and unpaid work

  • Old and new forms of slavery (prostitution, trafficking in women, economic migrants)

  • Women as financiers, philanthropists, and heiresses

  • economic relations within marriage and the family

  • Women as caregivers and as volunteers

  • Craftswomen and artists

  • Small business women, big business women, and entrepreneurship

  • Women and the trade union movement

  • Women in the economy of utopian communities

  • Women´,s work and religion

  • Profession and education

  • Women´,s work and the welfare regimes

  • Jewish migrant women in the economy

  • The legal status of women´,s work

  • Women entering "masculine professions", men entering "feminine professions”.

  • Proposals for submissions of up to 15,000 words, not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere, should be sent to the Managing Editor of Nashim by:

    E-mail (preferably) to:

    Mail to:
    The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies
    POB 16080, Jerusalem 91160

    Or by fax to:

    Final date for submission of articles: May 1, 2006. All scholarly articles will be subject to academic review. Academic Editor of Nashim: Renée Levine Melammed.

    Further information at: and


    Beitrag vom 10.02.2006

    Sarah Ross