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Sarah Blasko - Cinema Songs. Verlosung
Jennifer Gallagher

In October 2011 Sarah Blasko will go on a European tour testing her new wonderful EP: "Cinema Songs" – 5 cover versions of film songs ... AVIVA verlost 3 CDs

... that influenced her as a teenager to be a singer/songwriter

Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Sarah Blasko started singing in High School when she and her sister started a jazz-blues group. From 1998, as Sarah Semmens, she fronted a band called Acquiesce singing lead vocals, with her sister Kate Halcrow on harmony vocals. In 2002 Blasko decided to go solo and has never looked back. She won the "Best Female Artist" at the 2009 ARIA Awards.

In October 2004, Blasko released her debut album, "The Overture & the Underscore", which met with critical acclaim and gave Blasko a platinum record in Australia. In 2005, Blasko received four ARIA Music Awards nominations, including "Album of the Year".

Talking about "The Overture & the Underscore" on her official website, Blasko says: "Essentially I wanted there to be something really classic about the album. The kind of debut albums I like are those that don´t try and do too much too soon, that point towards a number of possible directions, and that give the songs some room to move. It was really important to me that my voice and the songs had some character and that there was an intimacy to them. We tried to achieve this by using little or no effect on the voice and not going too far with overdubs."

Three music videos were produced for album tracks from "The Overture & the Underscore": "Don´t U Eva", "Always Worth It" and "Perfect Now". For "Six Feet Under" fans, "Always Worth It", featured in the final episode of the American television series.

Originally part of the Australian deluxe edition of Blasko´s successful album "As Day follows Night" Blasko´s new EP "Cinema Songs" comprises five songs from "Annie Hall" – "Seems like Old Times", The "Sound of Music" – "Something Good", "Cabaret" – "Maybe This Time" and last but not least, "Xanadu", the eponymous song which was originally performed by Olivia Newton John, who inspired a whole generation of teenage girls.

The concept behind "Cinema Songs" is blissfully simple – all you need is a piano, a voice and a room (or a smoke-filled bar). Blasko´s incomparable voice, with its delicate mixture of vulnerability and strength, intimacy and life-experience definitely has the leading role on this EP, showing Sarah Blasko´s talent for phrasing and understatement. The combination of the stripped-back, pure and simple piano accompaniment (played by Jim Moginie) and Blasko´s voice seem to take away all the noise, craziness and stress from life and leaves something honest to reflect on and be inspired by.

AVIVA Tipp: Although all five songs on this EP are well known, you will probably have the feeling that you are listening to them for the first time. And, most refreshingly, the song lyrics are crystal clear. This EP will appeal to young and older listeners alike, who will keep pressing "replay" and not be bored!

Only performance date in Germany: Hafen 2, Offenbach, on 27.10.11.

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Sarah Blasko
Cinema Songs

Dramatico/Rough Trade, VÖ: 14.10.2011

More info about Sarah Blasko on:!/sarahblasko

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Beitrag vom 01.10.2011

Jennifer Gallagher