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 im Juni 2018 - Beitrag vom 17.07.2010

Life is a cabaret, old chum
Jennifer Gallagher

The musical ´Cabaret´, based on a story by Christopher Isherwood and arguably the most sensational stage highlight ever to be shown in Berlin, is now at the Tipi am Kanzleramt until 29 August 2010

In 500 performances since 2004, over 150,00 spectators have experienced the glitter and decadence of the 1930s in Berlin when Bar jeder Vernunft transformed itself into the Kit Kat Club to tell the poignant story of Sally Bowles, a nightclub singer.

Now this sensational show about love, passion and confusion at the time of approaching faschism has moved to the Tipi. For some spectators who experienced ´Cabaret´ in the smaller Bar jeder Vernunft, the Tipi might not offer the same intimacy but on the other hand the cast and musicians - urged on by the delightfully decadent Conférencier - have the chance to spread out into the auditorium and onto the laps (quite literally) to intoxicate and shock the audience, still offering a memorable cabaret experience that is so quintessentially Berlin!

The main role of Sally Bowles is played by Sophie Berner, who brings tremendous energy and a fabulous voice to the stage as well as a poignant portrayal of innocence about the dark, approaching force of faschism that still probably brings a shiver to most members of the audience.

On the opening night on 15 July 2010, Berlin cabaretist and actress Maren Kroyman received a warm burst of applause as soon as she stepped on stage as Fräulein Schneider, the 60-year-old landlady who falls in love with a Jewish fruit seller.

A tip from AVIVA-Berlin: go to the Tipi early so that you can spend time looking at the display of photographs in a series called ´The Kit Kat Girls´ by Berlin photographer Joachim Gern. In addition you can soak up the atmosphere in the foyer of the Tipi provided by fashion designer Oliver Sinz.

Then enjoy ´Cabaret´. After all, ´Cabaret´ IS Berlin!

Main cast:

Sally Bowles: Sophie Berner
Clifford Bradshaw: Jens Schnarre/Guido Klieneidam
Conférencier: Michael Kargus/Eric Renmeister
Frl. Schneider: Maren Kroymann

Directer and choreographer: Vincent Paterson

Further information at:
For tickets phone 030 - 39 06 65 50 or email:
Tickets: Euro 40, Euro 50-59,50

Kultur Beitrag vom 17.07.2010 Jennifer Gallagher 

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