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 im März 2019 - Beitrag vom 21.03.2004

Cheaper by the Dozen - Im Dutzend billiger
Jennifer Gallagher

A Hollywood comedy starring Steve Martin about family, loyalty and priorities mixed with modern comic sensibility and old-fashioned sentiment

The Bakers live in a small town in Illinois, USA, with their children - all 12 of them! When Tom Baker (Steve Martin) is offered his dream job as a baseball coach at a large university, he and his wife Kate (Bonnie Hunt) uproot the family, promising them that life will be even better. Shortly after moving to their new home in the big city, Kate learns that her book has been accepted by a publisher. Kate´s agent pulls her away to promote the book after Tom agrees to deal with their 12 children who are desperately unhappy in their new surroundings, and his demanding new job. Hell breaks out while Kate is away and Tom is in danger of losing his dream job.

12 children in a room with Steve Martin, mixed with the firm and consequential love of Bonny Hunt, should produce a very good film. But unfortunately, Hollywood has just tried too hard by attempting to re-create organic family life in a sloppy syrup of superficiality. All the child caricatures are there: the evil twins, the red-headed and bespectacled boy who loves frogs and who feels left out, the conniving tomboy who masterminds ways to sabotage a calm family life, the sullen but extraordinarily good-looking, athletic, older brother, and the oldest daughter who is desperately trying to lead her own life.

The film squeezes this chaotic family into moulds we´ve seen a million times before. The frog jumps into the scrambled eggs at the breakfast table, the teenage girl hogs the bathroom, the boyfriend throws rocks at the window to get his girlfriend´s attention (quite a script flaw in this age of mobile telephones). "Cheaper by the Dozen" tries to create cosy family familiarity and in the process flattens the bigger issues such as how to assert (and give up) your will in a modern household.

But in It´s own harmless, TV comedy sort of way, "Cheaper than a Dozen" does what it sets out do. The film is breezy, family-friendly, easy to follow and amusing, although the smile on your face may be the result of seeing so many characters who just seem to be having fun on the film set, rather than from actually laughing and feeling moments of joy yourself.

Im Dutzend billiger
Cheaper by the Dozen

©2003 Twentieth Century Fox
Starring: Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt
Directed by: Shawn Levy
Produced by: Robert Simonds, Michael Barnathan and Ben Myron
Starts: 25.03.2004
Deutschland (FSK): Keine Altersbeschränkung

Kultur Beitrag vom 21.03.2004 Jennifer Gallagher 

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