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Happy Birthday AVIVA

AVIVA wishes you a happy and peaceful New Year 2018


 im Juli 2018 - Beitrag vom 06.06.2004

Deb Filler in Filler UP!
Jennifer Gallagher

A hilarious monologue about women´s relationship to food in a society that only accepts size 10! don´t miss it! Friends of Italian Opera English Theatre: 10 June to 16 June, 2004

The shows opens with Deb preparing to make a Challah bread from a secret recipe from her father that she has recently discovered. Yes, she is the first only Jewish comedian from New Zealand to actually bake bread on stage! As she bakes the Challah, she unfolds her hilarious and bitter-sweet story - partly true and partly fiction - of how she became chubby.

Deb was born in her parents´ bakery, literally! For her father, a Holocaust survivor who nearly starved to death in the camps, food could never be wasted. Deb´s mother, a "second class survivor", had her own issues with food. Her German grandmother admired fat. Every night Max, the father in the play, brought home bakers boxes full of cakes and bread from the bakery ... .

The play is about how Deb deals with the issues of being overweight as a grown woman while a family crisis is looming - her mother is coming to live with her! By sharing with the audience the intimate and comic details of her roller coaster life, Deb prepares for the arrival of her mother. And when the Challah is taken out of the oven at the end of the play, the knot of Deb´s dysfunctional family is turned into a beautiful golden "braid" - just like the Challah.

Deb Filler is an extraordinary impersonator with impeccable timing. In "Filler Up" she impersonates 26 characters, magically transforming herself instantly into dozens of relatives and accents. Her storytelling appeals to all ages and all backgrounds and she´s hilariously funny and disarmingly poignant - you won´t know whether to laugh or cry!

On Monday, June 7 at 19:00, the 10th Jewish Film Festival Berlin 2004, will screen ANGST, a documentary movie about Deb Filler, at the Kino Arsenal. For more info about the festival, please go to

Deb Filler (Canada/New Zealand): FILLER UP!
Written and performed by Deb Filler
Co-written by Lowry Marshall
Directed by Irina Brown (The Vagina Monologues, London)

Friends of Italian Opera The English Theatre
Fidicinstraße 40, Berlin-Kreuzberg
(U6 Platz der Luftbrücke)
June 10 - 16 daily except Sunday / 8pm:
Box Office: +49 (30) 691 12 11

Kultur Beitrag vom 06.06.2004 Jennifer Gallagher 

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