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 im Juni 2018 - Beitrag vom 16.11.2004

Bright Colours Only. Written, directed and performed by Pauline Goldsmith

A one-woman smash-hit that brings light and colour to the dark subject of death comes to Friends of Italian Opera - The English Theatre. 18 to 27 November, 2004

There´s no way to avoid death, especially in this play. In Pauline Goldsmith´s "Bright Colours Only" you walk straight into an Irish living-room for a wake as soon as you walk into the theatre. There´s even complementary tea, sandwiches, and a drop of whisky to steady your nerves. And a lot of sympathy as well.

Pauline Goldsmith is a Glasgow-based actress, writer and performer from Belfast who has worked extensively in theatres throughout Scotland. She recently appeared in Peter Mullan´s controversial and award-winning film "The Magdalene Sisters". Bright Colours Only is her debut play and for the last two years it has been a smash hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, captivating audiences in sell-out shows from Belfast to Brazil.

In this highly original, touching and honest piece, Goldsmith brilliantly slips from one role into the next as she takes us on a hilarious and heart-felt journey - one that not many of us want to take. Bright Colours Only is a meditation on death, dying and bereavement that will allow you to admit your fears by laughing at them. The message of this play is definitely "seize the day" and suitable for people who are dying to live.

And don´t worry: You don´t have to wear black!

Bright Colours Only
Written, directed and performed by Pauline Goldsmith (Glasgow)

Friends of Italian Opera - The English Theatre
Fidicinstraße 40, Berlin-Kreuzberg
(U6 Platz der Luftbrücke)

18 to 27 November, 2004 / 8pm
daily except Sunday
Tickets 14€/8€ ("Friendly Tuesday": 7€)
Box Office: +49 (30) 691 12 11

More information about Friends of Italian Opera -The English Theatre:

Kultur Beitrag vom 16.11.2004 AVIVA-Redaktion 

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