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Happy Birthday AVIVA

AVIVA wishes you a happy and peaceful New Year 2018


 im August 2018 - Beitrag vom 20.04.2003

Films, Theatre Performances, Seminars, Workshop and Parties
AVIVA Redaktion

In April Britspotting 2003, the Independent British Film Festival comes to Berlin for the fourth year to prove that there´s more to British and Irish films than James Bond and Harry Potter!

What comes to your mind when you think of British and Irish Films?
Perhaps film directors Ken Loach or Mike Leigh?
Or film characters such as Harry Potter or Wallace and Grommit?
The British and Irish film community have even more to offer.
From April 24 to April 30 the fourth British Independent Film Festival, Britspotting 2003, will provide a fascinating, controversial programme comprising 11 new feature films including "24 Hour Party People" directed by Michael Winterbottom and "Black Coffee", a black comedy directed by Wilma Smith.
Seven documentary films, four mixed double features and six short films will also be shown. The film retrospective will be dedicated to Michael Winterbottom, recipient of the Golden Bear for Best Film at this year´s Berlinale for his documentary drama "In This World".

As well as seeing films, you can register for an animation workshop and learn how to make an animated music video with Steve McGregor. Britspotting 2003 is also offering two seminars: "Write and Sell the Hot Script" with Elliot Grove and "DV - Shooting on a Shoestring" with Carl Schönfeld which deals with the advantages and disadvantages of working with a lightweight video camera.

For the first time in its four-year history, Britspotting 2003 puts a spotlight on English-language theatre - Spot on Stage - featuring performances at the ACUD Theatre, Veteranenstr. by three independent theatre companies based in Berlin.

Films will be shown at ACUD, Central and fsk am Oranienplatz.
Details concerning the film programme, film timetable, theatre performances, seminars, workshop and parties at:

Kultur Beitrag vom 20.04.2003 AVIVA-Redaktion 

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