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AVIVA-BERLIN.de im Juli 2018 - Beitrag vom 07.09.2003

Pour the champagne!
Jennifer Gallagher

"Have a ball" or "Had a ball"? Die Geschwister Pfister are about to disappear from public life! Last chance to see them perform at the Tipi in their most extravagant show ever. Or is it?

When an American says to you "have a ball" what they´re really saying is "Let yourself go and have fun". And that´s exactly what this "farewell gala" with the Geschwister Pfister trio - under the motto of Have a ball - is all about. The audience is swept along in tiptop musical entertainment accompanied by Johannes Roloff and his big band. The show is brimming with glamour, sparkle, and style which is perfectly mixed with satire, parody, tongue in cheek naughtiness and pure Kitsch.

In the first part of the show the Pfisters are dressed for a ball and perform in full formal evening dress but the second half becomes more colourful and one could imagine that one is looking at a TV show in the early 70s. Performing in German, English, Bulgarian and even "Mexican", the trio captivate their audience with everything from a hot "curry" beat to the coldest march tempo, from the most tasteless pop songs to the most melancholic farewell songs.

And who exactly are the Geschwister Pfister? According to their fictional biography, the two brothers - Ursli and Toni - were born in Switzerland. Soon after they became orphans at an early age, the siblings were raised by their Uncle Bill in Las Vegas which is where they were trained to be professional actors, singers and musicians. Christoph Marti as Ursli Pfister portrays an exaggerated narcissistic who is constantly talking about his sensitive feelings. His brother Toni Pfister, played by Tobias Bonn, desperately tries to maintain a sense of etiquette and seriousness throughout the whole show. Fräulein Schneider, played by Andreja Schneider, is an Amazone-like Bulgarian who rules the roost with her thick-accented charm and amusingly undiplomatic way of handling the audience.

And is it really a "farewell gala"? No, a brilliant publicity gag! There´s too much talent here for this talented trio to disappear from public view. But just in case, go and see this unforgettable and brilliant show as soon as possible!

"Have a ball"
Geschwister Pfister

Tipi - das Zelt
Große Querallee (Zwischen Kanzleramt und Haus der Kulturen)
10557 Berlin
Vorstellungen bis zum 19. Oktober
Mittwoch bis Samstag um 20.30 Uhr, Sonntag und Feiertags um 19.30 Uhr
zusätzlich am Dienstag 23 September.
Einlaß und Restauration ab 19.00 Uhr, Sonntag ab 18.00 Uhr
Karten und Vorbestellung von Champagner-Tischen unter:
0180 - 327 9358
Fax: 030/39 83 84 36

Kultur Beitrag vom 07.09.2003 Jennifer Gallagher 

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