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 im Juli 2018 - Beitrag vom 02.12.2004

How to persuade people. By Joel Bauer + Mark Levy
Jennifer Gallagher

Move closer to the screen, ladies. I don´t want everyone to read this. What you are about to read in this review is, well, a bit frightening to say the least. Are you ready? Can you deal with it?

That teaser got your attention, didn´t it? Well, I just used a technique known as the "Fright Challenge". This is one many persuasion techniques that Joel Bauer, one of the most sought-after public speakers in America, explains in his book written together with co-author Mark Levy:

For the last 20 years, Joel Bauer has lured over 20 million people to his presentations for corporate giants such as 3M, Canon, General Motors, IBM, Motorola, Panasonic, Microsoft, AT&T, Disney, GM, Kodak and Xerox. And now this master of persuasion wants to teach you his secrets.

"How to persuade people who don´t want to be persuaded" was primarily written for businesspeople. But the ability to influence people to your way of thinking is essential to getting what you want in your personal life as well. So whether you want to persuade your boss to give you a raise, convince a new client to sign that big contract, or get your teenage son or daughter to clean up their room more often, you can learn how to change a "no" to a "yes". You will be able to learn the secrets behind "The Fright Challenge," "The Transformation Mechanism," "Change The Moment", "The Power Of Gifts" and other persuasion tactics used by pitchmen, magicians, and hypnotists to convince people to their way of thinking in an ethical and entertaining way.

If you can deal with Bauer´s writing style which might seem to some readers as the relentless patter of a circus ring master, or a door-to-door salesman in the 1950s, there are certainly some gems of information to be mined from this book with its rather drab and unappealing layout.

"So, step right up. Can you handle it? The most intelligent among you might want to keep walking!"

How to persuade people who don´t want to be persuaded
Get What You Want--Every Time!"
© 2004 by Joel Bauer & Mark Levy
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Juli 2004
ISBN 0-471-64797-7 (hardcover)
Euro 26,31

Literatur Beitrag vom 02.12.2004 Jennifer Gallagher 

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