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Connecting People to Create Impact!
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W.I.N. is holding its 6th Women’s International Networking Conference in Lausanne on 2-4 October 2003. Register now and don’t miss out on fantastic Early Bird savings!

The W.I.N annual conference taking place in Lausanne Switzerland on Oct 2-4 is the organization’s most important event. Last year 400 women from 43 countries attended. The conference is sponsored by world-class companies, endorsed by leading business schools and partnered by women’s networks world-wide.

Founded in 1998 by Norwegian entrepreneur Kristin Engvig, W.I.N. has become one of the world’s leading international professional women’s networks. Today, more than 15,000 professional women in 50 countries receive W.I.N. information and are regular visitors to the web-site.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Connecting People to Create Impact” and how people (women and men) – individually and collectively – can achieve global influence and create positive impact by bringing strong, authentic, and different leadership to the workplace, social communities, corporations and political organisations world-wide.

Participant registration for W.I.N. 2003: The 6th Women’s International Networking Conference is now being accepted. To take advantage of Early Bird Savings send in your registration by July 20th!

There are also super discounts and an exclusive W.I.N. Woman of the Year competition for network members so if you would like your local women’s network to partner with W.I.N. please visit:

More information about W.I.N. and the conference itself can be found at:

Read an interview with AVIVA-BERLIN and W.I.N founder Kristin Engvig.

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Beitrag vom 26.06.2003