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The 2010 W.I.N. Conference from October 06-08, 2010

The Women`s International Networking (W.I.N) holds its 12th Global Leadership Conference from October 6-8, 2010 in Paris. The conference focuses on the topic "Realizing Visions with clarity, ...

... enthusiasm and care".

. . . . In the following AVIVA-Berlin publishes a W.I. N. press release and announces the upcoming conference . . .

Over the years, the W.I.N.`s vision of strong, authentic leadership which takes into account the global sustainability perspective, has been joined by many communities, entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions and organizations. It provides inspiration, new impulses and energy.

Every year the conference contributes significantly to women`s progress by connecting and empowering women from global corporations to entrepreneurs, politicians, academics and artists from all around the world . W.I.N. inspires women`s business, social and personal success and dreams and supports them to reach their and society`s full potential.W.I.N is aware of its` global and social responsibility and grants numerous scholarships to women of the developing world.

The prestigious W.I.N. Conference is designed by women for women and men and provides a platform to discuss visions, strategies and skills needed to build strong leadership to succeed in today`s world. According to Kristin Engvig, founder and organiser of W.I.N., Women embody the power to influence, decide, lead and evoke change. W.I.N. forums manifest the emergence of a collective and truly global leadership journey made by women leaders today.

At our event they discuss how to lead with grace while remaining intuitive, emphatic and true to themselves. Engvig, says, Whether a goal to reach, a larger vision to manifest or your entire destiny to fulfill, this year`s event will look at how you, your company, your community and world, step by step, can realize any vision.
The event will explore the authentic journey and the importance of how you do all you do as a way towards realizing your vision. As we discover clarity, truth, beauty we will also illustrate how your enthusiasm can help mobilize others. Finally, we will highlight the importance of deep care, giving and receiving support.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in eight different panel sessions and forty workshops covering crucial business topics as well as areas related to well-being, work-life balance and spirituality. Speakers have included Cécile Bonnefond, President & CEO Veuve Cliquot International (France), Gro Harlem Brundtland, Head WHO (Norway), Anna Diamantopoulou, Member of the Greek Parliament and former Commissioner of EU (Greece), Rena Golden, Executive V.P. and General Manager CNN International (South Asia/USA) as well as other global corporations, NGOs, government bodies and opinion leaders who are fully supportive of W.I.N.`s winning formula. These organisations and individuals are leading examples of workplace diversity and inclusion. Similar speakers will share their experiences and best practices this year.

An information meeting including press will take place on 18th May with key past participants and W.I.N`s founder Kristin Engvig.

About W.I.N

W.I.N. is an independent, European, mission-driven organization with a global impact. It is run by an international team of professionals and supported by a large group of volunteers all inspired by the well-being and progress of global society. Previous events attracted as many as 730 women from 70 countries including 45 % corporate executives, 20% small business owners and entrepreneurs, 20 % professionals (doctors, lawyers, academics, artists, and journalists), and 15% politicians, international servants, NGOs.

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Read more at AVIVA-Berlin: Interview with Kristin Engvig in 2003.

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