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Women in business (W.I.N.)

W.I.N. is holding its 7th women´s International Networking Conference in Geneva on 7-9 October 2004. Registration starts May 1! 100 Euro discount for AVIVA readers.

W.I.N. promotes, nurtures and supports a global network of feminine leaders who bring a different but strong and authentic style of leadership to corporations, social communities, international organizations, political institutions and start-up enterprises.

The W.I.N annual conference taking place in Geneva Switzerland on Oct 7-9 is the organization´s most important event. 350 participants from 33 countries representing 43 different nationalities attended the event in 2003 and over 50 international women´s networks endorsed the conference.

Founded in 1998 by Norwegian entrepreneur Kristin Engvig, W.I.N. has become one of the world´s leading international professional women´s networks. Today, more than 15.000 professional women in 50 countries receive W.I.N. information and are regular visitors to the web-site.

The theme of this year´s conference is "Connecting for Results: authentic leadership in action" and how people (women and men) - individually and collectively - can achieve global influence and create positive impact by bringing strong, authentic, and different leadership to the workplace, social communities, corporations and political organisations world-wide.

The interactive content of the three-day forum includes a global outlook, work & career issues, and leadership & personal growth all enhanced with a focus on boosting creativity and accelerating innovation and change. Panel and networking sessions are complemented by numerous workshops for the mind and body, coaching labs and social activities.

More information about W.I.N. and the conference itself can be found at: www.winconference.net

Read an interview with AVIVA-BERLIN and W.I.N founder Kristin Engvig at:

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Beitrag vom 28.04.2004