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Courage to be the change

The ninth Women´,s International Network (WIN) 2006 Global leadership forum is going to be held in Rome this year (21-23 September). Early bird special: register before June 15th.

For nine successful years, WIN has held a unique global forum in order to develop, empower and connect feminine leaders and bring a strong, authentic and different leadership with a global perspective which inspires and guides communities, corporations, national institutions, political organisations and entrepreneurship world-wide.

This year, WIN hopes to attract more than 500 leaders from around the world for three intensive days of inspiration, benchmarking, learning, sharing and celebration at the Hotel Hilton Cavalieri in Rome - a wonderfully spacious property with comfortable rooms, an exciting rooftop terrace overlooking the pulsing city, fitness and spa, and a wonderful private Mediterranean garden.

The aim is to provide women leaders with the special vision, strategies, environment and skills needed to succeed in today´,s world.

Kristin Engvig, founder of W.I.N. explains, "I believe that women have a vital role to play in this century and each and every one of us embodies the power to influence, to decide, to lead and to be a change agent. Women are elevating leadership to a new level by assuming leadership to make a difference, leading with grace by being true to ourselves, restructuring organisations with caring environments, making conscious decision for lasting results, handling communication with empathy and in every way assuring that lives and careers blossom world-wide".rn
There will be a well-balanced three-day-program of lectures, panel discussions, interactive workshops and training sessions combined to explore all aspects of leadership (personal / professional) by:

  • meeting successful women leaders in action and hear about the attitudes, behaviours and skills that they consider essential to success

  • hearing women who are building careers on their own terms and values, and women who have made the choice of leaving a traditional career track to create new opportunities.

  • staking out your leadership in a world of revolutionising work and lifestyles

  • looking inside yourself, declaring your mission, gaining power, courage and a mindset to embrace leadership.

  • How to get involved
    Be or suggest a speaker at Call for workshop leaders expires 15th June.

    Whether you plan to stay at the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton, or at another hotel, make sure you book early. Hotel listings on:

    For more information go to:

    Women + Work > Infos

    Beitrag vom 01.06.2006