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Inspiring Women - Women´s International Networking, W.I.N.

What critical roles do women have to play in shaping the future?
Join other professional and senior executive women at the 10th WIN annual global forum in Oslo Norway 27-29 September 2007

The theme of this year´s W.I.N. 2007 global forum is "Inspiring Women" and is the tenth of a series of visionary leadership forums designed to enhance careers and improve business practices of women by providing vision, strategies, skills and network needed to succeed in today´s world.

Taking place in Oslo, Norway - a city with a pioneering stance on women´s rights and an inspirational setting with some of the most impressive natural beauty imaginable - the three-day forum includes presentations by more than 30 world-class speakers on issues such as economy, politics, technology , society, environment, life and work. Panel sessions are complemented by more than 24 workshops for body, mind and spirit plus networking events. In addition participants can schedule a free 30-minute private coaching session.

Register early for the W.I.N. 2007 global forum and benefit from a 100 Euro discount.

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W.I.N. Scholarship Program
The W.I.N. vision of "inspiring women world-wide" believes that women who show potential to become the women leaders of tomorrow should be supported to join the Annual Global Leadership Forum. Financial reasons should not prohibit their participation. In order to achieve the global scope of this vision, the W.I.N. scholarship fund has been established. Each year W.I.N. offers financial support to a select number of participants through a scholarship programme. In 2006, 35 scholarships were awarded and one of W.I.N.´s major objectives to commemorate this year´s tenth anniversary is to increase this number.

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Beitrag vom 20.05.2007