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Open letter of support and solidarity to the Women Wage Peace Israel

Six months after October 7th in 2023, still 133 hostages are in captivity in Gaza, women and girls are exposed to sexual abuse. Every day. The German-speaking team of supporters expresses its solidarity with the peace activists in Israel. A collection of individual statements of support published on AVIVA.

Message from Women Wage Peace vom deutschsprachigen Unterstützerinnen-Team to Women Wage Peace Israel, April 7th 2024

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde in Israel,
Dear Friends in Israel,

wir senden euch heute dieses Schreiben als Zeichen, dass wir jeden Tag, aber besonders heute, an euch und die vielen Menschen denken, die immer noch verschleppt sind. Wir senden euch unser Mitgefühl, aber auch positive Energie für eure unermüdliche Arbeit vor Ort.
Euer Team WomenWagePeace "deutschsprachiger Raum"

We are sending you this document today as a sign that we are thinking of you and the many people who are still displaced every day, but especially we think of you today. We send you our sympathy, but also positive energy for your tireless work on the ground.
Your Team WomenWagePeace "deutschsprachiger Raum"

Dear Women Wage Peace, dear Women of the Sun,

we, the jewish community and its allies worldwide, mourn the loss of your, of our loved ones, we witness the pain of the families, we listen to the horrifying testimonies of the survivors, we want to show you all our support.

We stand by your side. Do know we are by your side promoting peace.
We support your ongoing fight for peace and democracy in Israel. For standing together in these difficult and sad times.

Each single day and night feels like October 7th. We are still under shock.

We will do everything to preserve the memories of the victims. To make the voices of the women and girls heard, who had to experience sexual atrocities. And who are exposed to sexual violence until today in captivity.

To stop the silence.

We will make the world listen.

Bring them back now! Bring back the girls, the women, elderly, children. All of them.


Dear sisters in Palestine, Gaza and Israel,
You are always very much in my thoughts (I have family in Israel) but especially now because you have been living with and in a terrible situation for six months. Women Wage Peace and Women of the Sun are showing the world that there is a path to peace everywhere and they are motivating our group in Germany to spread the message here. May we all be successful very soon and make the world a better, more peaceful place.

Dear women in Israel,
your hands and hearts may be filled with sunlight. To handle with care, to be cared for yourself.
With deep respect,

Dear women,
I live far away and am not affected and yet these days my thoughts are wandering more and more to those to whom October 7th brought, and still brings, so much suffering. 6 months later, I think of you and thank you for your courage and determination to work even harder for true peace right now. It´s almost unimaginably humanly great to go for peace in these days but, in my opinion, it´s the only way worth. Thank you so much and my best wishes for all of you!

Dear Sisters!
You are not alone. In my heart I am with you. I am far away but we stand together. We are all in this together and together we rise. Thank you for your standing and your courage. I am proud of you.
With love

Dear women in Israel,
I was deeply shocked by what happened on October 7th. Thanks to Yael Deckelbaum´s video, ´Prayer Of The Mothers,´ I became aware of Women Wage Peace. I´m very impressed how you, together with Women of the Sun, are fighting for peace and a common solution. Keep up with your valuable work and don´t give up! My special sympathy is with the hostages who are still held by Hamas. We will try to support you as much as possible from afar. A warm hug that comes from the heart!

Dear women who are involved with women wage peace and women of the sun,
I am so grateful that you exist and that you exemplify that it is possible to struggle at eye level for mutual understanding and joint commitment, trusting that "love is stronger than death". You nourish my hope and I stand with you in the struggle for peace and justice in your wonderful country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Dear women of Women Wage Peace,
I have pain in my heart and tears are coming when I think of the 7th of October 23 with all the brutality and horror and rape. I can´t nearly imagine, how this will be -half a year later -for you living in Israel, still in insecurity and danger, perhaps having lost a member of your family or a friend, perhaps knowing someone, who is still captured, and being still in sorrow about the death of Vivian Silver. My deep compassion is with you all.
I am moved from your strength and the wisdom of your hearts, that you have been going on to work with your sisters of Women of the Sun and they with you. May the light of sisterhood and longing for peace spread far over your country, your region and over the whole planet.

Dear Women of WWG and WOS,
You are not alone. I am far away but my thoughts are with you and the people how are still hostages of the Hamas. I am far away but we stand together. Thank you for your standing and your courage.

Dear women of WWP and WOS,
We have already experienced half a year full of fear, horror and uncertainty.
I wish you women in the Middle East and all over the world continued strength, hope and solidarity. We are thinking of you and sending you many good and hopeful thoughts

Dear sisters of women wage peace and women of the sun,
With all these messages, we want to show you, that you are not alone. The women of the world feel with you, cry with you and are filling to stand for peace. We are just a few people writing here, but so many feel the same.
I thank you, that you started this path and never stopped. I honestly know, that it will be women, that will finally bring peace to this world. I believe in you.

My dear sisters in Israel and Palestine,
In our thoughts and in our feelings we are with you. We are so far and yet so near since we have family in Jerusalem and Hod ha-Sharon, and many many dear friends on both sides. Together we stand in our strong will for peace. Please never give up hope. Stay strong, we stand with you!!
Peace be with you, shalom and salaam.
Nicola and Iris

Dear Women from WWP,
My heart was deeply touched, when I joined your mothers call meeting in Jerusalem and at the dead sea in October. 4.
I realized that this movement is not only for Israel, it´s a sign for all women, mothers and grandmothers around the world to stand up for peace.
And you all were the one, gave us a sign, it was the start and beginning of a new way.
Thank you for your tireless work every day. You give an example for the world, standing close to each other, also in a moment of division of society.
So let us stand hopeful together, heart at heart and also remember what happened 6 months ago and still after.
My compassion these days is with all the mothers, fathers and children, who lose members of their family, day by day in Israel.
...and all around the world.
With you we want to look forward, to see new opportunities to start the beginning of a change.
Love and peace to you,

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Women Wage Peace and Women of the Sun representatives are part of Time magazine´s Women of the Year 2024 list
Dr. Yael Admi, one of the founders of the Israeli movement Women Wage Peace, and Reem Hajajreh, one of the founders of the Palestinian movement Women of the Sun are among the 12 women leaders who were chosen for the special edition of Time magazine which is published once a year for Women´s Day. (2024)

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